Our activity

KTU SA name says that all our effort is for your well-being. Year by year we are:

  • consulting you about scholarships and lawns;
  • take care of You to get a place in a dormitory;
  • take care about your studies and jobs not only in Lithuania but in foreign countries too;
  • organizing cultural, entertaining and sport events;
  • we make sure that everything is ok with your Lithuanian Students Card (LSP).

The most important thing for KTU SA is to represent students in University. It is important for us that you will approach us if you would have any serious troubles or concerns. University is our second home for sure and you can feel well here only when atmosphere is safe, warm and pleased. Our goal is to make sure that you will feel that way here in University.


There are so many questions which are too complicated to deal with. That is why students need people that they can consult with.  In every academic group there is senior who form schedule for tests and exams. Also, they transfer all the information to students from their academic groups. When students have problems every SA from faculties helps them to deal with it. Student’s conferences are held in every faculty annually where all seniors are participating. They choose members and chairman to their Faculty Students Association (FSA) who communicates with dean office and faculty council. For solving students problems in all University level there is KTU SA which works by democratic management principles.



Student’s conferences from every faculty through democratic process choose seven people who are delegated into KTU SA conference which deals with the most important issues in all KTU level. Here members from the faculties select president of KTU SA with presidium. Together they organize all activity of KTU SA. Also, we cannot forget parliament where students from every faculty conferences discuss, plans and confirms important decisions. Every year the activity of KTU SA is supervised by Control commission which is chosen by the conference. Honor members of KTU SA compose Honor council. They are analyzing activity of KTU SA and proposes suggestions for them.

Members of KTU SA represent students in Senate, Rectorate, Faculty Council and the LSS in which KTU SA has very strong voice.

KTU is one of the biggest universities in Lithuania so it is not surprising that KTU SA has so much active students who reach all goals that they could think of. Every job that is done here is done until the end and has its purpose. That is why our organization is respectable in all wide society. It depends on our responsibility what kind of people represents us. Student’s responsibility is to choose us and our responsibility is not to disappoint them.


Presidents of KTU Students Union (SS)

Aušrys Kriščiūnas (Tynta) (1993–1995)

Kęstutis Lukoševičius (1995–1997)

Svajūnas Jakutis (1997-1999)

Laurynas Šeškevičius (1999-2000)

Mantas Žvironas (2000-2002)

Presidents of KTU SA

Povilas Petrauskas (2002-2004)

Vilius Sekevičius (2004-2006)

Jonas Genys (2006-2006 12)

Tomas Urbonas (temporary president) (2006 12-2007)

Skirmantas Bajoras (2007-2009 m.)

Mindaugas Grajauskas (2009-2011)

Justinas Staugaitis (2011-2013)

Monika Simaškaitė (2013-2014)

Mindaugas Valkavičius (2014-2016)

Tautvydas Šimanauskas (2016-2017)

Lukas Kijauskas (2017-now)