LSIC (Lithuanian student identity card (lithuanian: LSP – Lietuvos Studento Pažymėjimas) is an official document which proves that you are a student.

  • You will need the LSIC in order for you to use your higher education institution’s library, the services of sports centers as well as attending exams.

  • If you are a full-time student or studying in the ongoing studies, with the LSIC you can get a 50% discount for using intercity public transports and 80% for urban public transports.

  • With the LSIC, students of all forms are participating in a discount program that allows you to have all sorts of discounts: shopping, entertainment, and various other services throughout Lithuania. You can find a list of discounts at

  • You cannot forget that you can only use a valid LSIC. You have to use the LSIC responsibly: renew the validity of the card on time and after graduating do not forget to return it to your high school student representatives because the useage of LSIC is governed by the Lithuanian law.

LSIC – since 2012 it is also the newfangled type of an electronic students card. It has an integrated public transport e. ticket and is a students “electronic wallet” (Mokipay), which allows you to pay off things with in the universities and wherever else Mokipay billing system is installed. For more infromation about discounts visit


Your e. wallet is ready to use, so you can already make payments, transfers to other LSIC owners and recharge your account.

OMNITEL customers can spend as much as they want with the e. wallet without any money restrictions. If you are an OMNITEL customer and want to use your e. wallet without restrictions, you can send a free text message to 1397 – just insert LSP, add a space and insert the number that is located under the barcode on the front side of your card. After receiving a message, follow the further activation steps.

Example of the text message: LSP 94403905000000001

IMPORTANT: some functions of your e. wallet may depend on your mobile operator

If, by any chance, while ordering your LSIC at you inserted an incorrect phone number or changed your mobile phones operator, send a text message to 1397. In the message type LSP, add a space and insert the number that is located under the barcode on the front side of your license.

Your e. wallet is identified through your phone number, so if you register a wrong phone number you will not be able to charge your e. wallet, log in to and perform some other important operations.


You can charge your e. wallet in the following ways:

1. Linking your bank account to your e. wallet (only available with Danske Bank);

2. Making a direct debit agreement (DnB, Swedbank, Danske Bank, Nordea);

3. In cash throught FOXBOX terminals in Lithuania (;

4. From your bank account using the “banklink” service (via a Mokipay application or;

5. Asking a friend to charge your e. wallet through a P2P transfer.


If you pay on places with a Mokipay label you can pay less. Mokipay place of settlement:

  • Pay off or charge your mobile credit through a Mokipay application or;

  • Pay at universities, bookstores, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, entertainment arenas and avoid tedious queues;

  • Charge your public transport e. ticket that is integrated in your LSIC comfortably;

  • All Mokipay locations and discounts are in a Mokipay app!


In order to find out your e. wallets balance, view your payment history, make transfers or do other actions, log in to or use a MOKIPAY app on your mobile phone (iOS and Adroid).

The document can be ordered or extended through Upon completing or terminating your studies, you have to return the LSIC to your high school student representatives.


1. Register to (5 min.)

Provide the required information to and upload your picture. You will receive an email that your high school approved your data.

2. The making of a new LSIC (1-2 weeks)

In the “My LSIC” section at click on the link “Order a new LSIC”. Choose a department you want your LSIC to be presented at. Choose the day and time when you will arrive to claim your LSIC. Pay online or print out a payment receipt with which you will be able to pay while claiming your LSIC at the previously selected department. You can find our your LSIC order status by logging in to

3. Reclaim it at “DNB” bank, “Swedbank” and TELE2 departments.

Bring a printed version of your LSIC issue contract and sign it in front of the staff that is going to give you your LSIC. Pay for the production of the LSIC if needed. After receiving the LSIC, check for any mistakes and inform the personnel about them if you notice any. Do not accept the LSIC if it has any mistakes.

The issue of LSIC

Any student can get an LSIC, but it will have to be returned upon completion of a relevant education degree (bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral). The new license will cost 20-60Lt depending on your course (10Lt per year) + bank fee.

How to get a new LSIC?

The extension of LSIC

Bachelor students year II, III, IV, master’s – II and doctoral – II, II, IV may renew their LSIC. Student license extension will cost 11LT + bank fee.

How to renew LSIC?

Replacement of LSIC

If an old LSIC is returned to the KTU Department it is replaced for the following reasons:

After changing your name;

After changing the form of study;

After changing a faculty;

If the card was damaged.

Despite the LSIC expiry date, if the LSIC is not returned, regardless of the circumstances of the loss, the student is charged a 130Lt fine. Click here for more information on the loss of the LSIC.

The returning of LSIC

After graduation or termination of studies, all students must:

1. Return the license to the LSIC department. The returned license must be valid (extended) or returned in two weeks after the expiry date.

2. Sign the LSIC collection papers.

3. Present a leaving slip.

Despite the LSIC expiry date, if the LSIC is not returned (lost) the student is charged a 130Lt fine. The fine will not be applied to those students who will inform the department on time that they are unable to return the LSIC and (or) present a police statement of the ongoing investigation into the theft of the document (other offences in which the document was lost), as well as order a new document to replace the lost one.

In 2012, the 130Lt fine for losing the LSIC will be applied to students who will inform of the loss from June 19th. to 29th., as well as those students who will inform of the loss while presenting the leaving slip.

You can return or inform about the loss of LSIC during these working hours:

KTU Student Union (K. Donelaitis str. 73)
Monday – Thursday  10.00a.m. – 5.00p.m.,
Friday 10.00a.m. – 3.00p.m.

KTU Student Information Centre (Students’ str. 50-168)
Monday – Thursday  9.00a.m. – 5.00p.m.,
Friday 9.00a.m. – 3.45p.m.

KTU SLC (Students’ str. 69)
Every day (except summer time) from 10:00 to 18:00.

For more questions contact the LSIC coordinator at